Boat Security

Every citizen dreams of a safe and just country. However, once in a while, you hear of activities in the sea that demean human life. This is one of the main reasons why maritime security is of great importance. Many of us underestimate see security mainly because we do not understand its importance. So what is the importance of see security?

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Over ninety percent of the world's trade goods are transported by sea at a point in the value chain. The rice you enjoy, the furniture and car you imported, the clothes you wear or those expensive shoes you love were once transported by sea. Keeping our seas safe enhances trade and therefore enhances the quality of life. This is true for the rest of the world.

Avert terrorism

Our continents are surrounded by large masses of water. If these masses of water were left unsecured, it would be very easy for terrorists and other destructive people to invade our homes and carry out activities that are harmful to human life. The seas and oceans are major entry points to any continent and therefore securing them is essential for security on the main lands.

Protect our people

A lot of captains and their crews are constantly on the move between continents or countries. There are also workers who preserve marine life and those who depend on the sea for their livelihood. Their lives are as important as those of other citizens. They require a safe operating environment and therefore the need to maintain peace and security in all seas.

Securing assets

In some parts of the world, the seas are rich in minerals and other assets that have great monetary value. When the sea is safe, these assets are kept safe too. Oil, salt, sand and gas are some of the things that can be found in the oceans. In addition, these waters connect the world together. It is used as a means of transport by many people.

Source of funds

The oceans and seas are tourist attraction sites in many places especially where there are beautiful sandy and sunny beaches. To enjoy such beaches, people need to feel safe and secure. In addition, it is important in the export and import trade. The seas and oceans provide food to many homes all over the world. In some countries, their major sources of income are the oceans. For example, in some countries, the major economic activity is fishing. For such a country, maritime security is very important. Landlocked countries rely on these oceans too in that they get imports of substances that they may not have. The next time you hear about maritime companies, you will fully understand their work and importance.

Part of the ecosystem

When the world came to be, it had different parts that must all live in harmony with each other. What this implies is that if one part of the ecosystem is under threat, the whole world is threatened. To maintain balance, we must ensure that the sea is well protected. The animals that inhabit the sea also need protection against harmful activities that disrupt and destroy their life. Terrorism, pirates carry out activities that are harmful to these marine lives from time to time and this threatens the entire universe.