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Desolation Sound - Pristine wilderness, warm swimming water






Desolation Sound includes the islands North of Cape Mudge and Sarah Point and south of Yuculta Rapids.  These islands include West and East Redonda Island, Quadra Island, Cortes Island, Read Island, Raza Island and Maurelle Island.

Desolation Sound is the point where tidal streams from Strait of Georgia ebbing south and from Johnstone Strait ebbing North meet.  Here, the water does not get replaced with cold water,  instead, it stays warm at a comfortable temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making for comfortable swimming.

Desolation Sound Marine Park was established by the government of BC in 1973. 
 This park consists of more than 14,000 acres of high land and 6,350 acres of shoreline an water and is thus the largest Marine Park in B.C., as well as the only major park of any kind on the Pacific mainland coast of Canada.

Anchorages and marinas  in Desolation Sound include:

Grace Harbour      Galley Bay              Mink Island        Melanie Cove
Laura Cove            Prideaux Haven    Tenedos Bay     Teakerne Arm
Refuge Cove          Cortes Bay            Squirrel Cove    Gorge Harbour
Von Donop Inlet    Theodosia Inlet    Heriot Bay        Rebecca Spit
Evans Bay              Village Bay           Open Bay        

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Squirrel Cove offers all weather protected anchorage and can easily accommodate 50 boats.

Refuge Cove is Desolation Sound's complete supply center with amenities including fuel, water, groceries, ice, post office, showers, laundry, garbage disposal, coffee shop and float planes.

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