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French Polynesia    Tahiti      Bora Bora    Moorea    Tetiatora

The enchanting South Seas paradise of French Polynesia consists of islands in the South Pacific located halfway between California and Australia.   A truly tropical paradise, the region is considered one of the scenic wonders of the world.  Tahiti is the most famous island amongst the Polynesian islands.   Time and time again, visitors to the islands are captivated by its magic spell.  Captain Cook first arrived in Tahiti in 1769 and was followed by several Europeans.  In 1789, something in Tahiti, whether the women or the paradise setting, inspired the "Bounty" crew headed by Fletcher Christian to mutiny.   Over 100 years later, in the movie "Bounty" actor Marlon Brando fell in love with his co-star Tarita Teriipaia, and purchased Tetiatora as his own private island.

Great men of arts and literature drew inspiration from the South Seas.  Robert Louis Stevenson's book "Treasure Island" with accounts of buried treasure, piracy and adventures is a classic still widely read today.   Paul Gaugin, a French impressionist painter, lived in Tahiti for a brief period and painted the landscape and everyday life of women in Tahiti.

Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, is the stopover point for many travellers whether by air or water.  It is the place where yachtsmen stop for provisions, for yacht repair and for crew.   

For a large map of the Tahiti and the Society islands islands, click here.

Rainy season:  Dec-April
Dry season: July-October
Tidal range: < one foot
Year round temperature:
    24 - 28 degree celsius



The quickest way to experience the South Seas is to fly over there and charter a boat.  A private boat charter allows you to visit the more remote islands not bombarded by tourists.  Papeete, the capital of Tahiti  is a modern metropolis with over 200,000 residents complete with the hustle and bustle of city life, diesel fumes and traffic.  Many charter companies have charter bases in Tahiti.  There are airports, car rental companies, hotels and all kinds of tourism based adventures available. 

Many offshore cruisers bypass Papeete for the  unspoiled islands of Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raiatea, Huauhine, Moorea,  the Marquesas Islands.
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History Tidbits on French Polynesia:
Just about everybody has seen the movie "Bounty", but some scenes are worth watching over again.  Here is a 5 minute clip for you to re-experience the awe and excitement when the crew of Bounty arrived at Matavai Bay in Tahiti.