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Khutzeymateen Bear Sanctuary



Located north of Prince Rupert, along Chatham Sound, at the head of Khutzeymateen Inlet is the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Reserve - 45,000 hectares of protected sanctuary for the Grizzly Bear - North America's second largest predator. 

A ranger station built on a barge welcomes visitors to the Sanctuary.  Here, there is a little display providing information on the grizzly bears.  Boaters who want to anchor in the Reserve pays Canadian $15.00 per person. 

A conservationist, usually a marine biologist, monitors the movements of bears in the Reserve.   There are three elevations from which the bears move about.  In the summer of 2008, the station has a record of 45 adult grizzlies and 14 cubs.  Each bear is assigned a number and the biologist knows the age, eating habits and individual character patterns of these bears.

Tour boats operating out of Prince Rupert provides bear watching tours to the Khutzeymateen Sanctuary.

There is an estimated count of 10,000 grizzly bears in British Columbia, 1,500  of which are located in the Central and North Coast and about 70 of them are at the Reserve.   The grizzly bears are characterized by a hump in their back, and they are brown in color. 

Black bears are also found in the reserve.  Bears are usually spotted near streams, creeks or river mouths where salmons retur to spawn.  They also hang around berry bushes.

Ranger station at Khutzeymateen

Marine biologist keeps track of grizzlies at the Reserve

Eagerrly watching for grizzlies - the vigilant ones are rewarded

A small brown spot ashore could be a bear or just a rock-this one is a bear

Today's zoom cameras can provide a close-up photo

Tour boats from Prince Rupert offer bear spotting tours


A grizzly at the
Kutzeymateen Reserve

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