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Ocean Falls - An Enchanting Place to visit


Ocean Falls is a small community on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is only accessible via boat or seaplane, and is currently the home for a few dozen full-time residents, with the seasonal population upwards of 100.   Ocean Falls is also known as the RAIN COUNTRY, due to the amount of rainfall it gets.

The falls, with its energy resources formed the basis for a pulp and paper mill that went into operation in 1912. At its largest, Ocean Falls was the home to around 3900 people, a K-12 school system, its own hospital, one of the province's largest hotels and a swimming pool where several swimming champions trained.  At its height, Ocean Falls had a population of about 5,000.   In 1973, the paper mill, Crown Zellerbach, once the 2nd largest pulp producing mill in the BC coast, just took off and stopped operations.  BC government took over the property and tried to keep it going, but eventually gave up in 1980.

Today, Ocean Falls is a beautiful ghost town of about 100 residents.  Some retirees have purchased property here for retirement.  Houses are a bargain.    According to Sally Isaksen, the wharfinger at Ocean Falls Marina, it's been estimated that over the past years, there are at least 500,000 people who have in one way or another, either lived, visited or done business at Ocean Falls.  Children who grew up in Ocean Falls have fond memories of the place and always come back to visit. 


The abandoned Martin Inn was once the largest hotel north of San Francisco.  Today, it is boarded up.

The Shack has a library and tables/chairs for visitors and boaters.  It also has computers and offer free wireless internet.

The local greenhouse nursery provides fresh vegetables and herbs.

Inside the shack, there are board games available to boaters and guests.

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1.  Eucott Bay Hot Springs

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Posted October 31, 2010  1:22 pm

Just wanted to let you know that the picture you have on your site that you think is the Hotel is actually the Cypress Apartments.  Here is a picture of the Hotel, the Martin Inn, which was the 3rd largest Hotel in BC when it was built.
John Jensen
PS  My family lived there in the '60's when I was a little boy.


Here is a you tube documentary on Ocean Falls