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Wrangell, Alaska<


a mural in Wrangell tells the history of the place

Wrangell lies near the north end of Wrangell Island at the mouth of the Stikine River.   The magnificent Stikine Mountains form the backdrop of this town giving it a very picturesque look.  Its history dates back to 1834 when the Russians erected Fort Dionysus to prevent the Hudson's Bay Company from fur trading up the Stikine River.  It has since been renamed to Fort Stikine and later Fort Wrangell when Alaska became a US territory in 1867.

Wrangell's population today is about 2,000 and the major industries are crab, shrimp and fish processing.  There are many local attractions for boaters and tourists:
1  Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park - a boardwalk trail and observation platform leads to the beach where ancient rock carvings can be found.
2.  Chief Shake's Island - situated in the city harbor, connected by footbridge at the end of Wrangell's main street.  The tiny island is a replica of an Indian tribal house.  Several historic totem poles can be found here, along with cultural artifacts at the tribal or community house.
3.  Anan Wildlife Conservatory - boat tours operating out of Wrangell takes tourists to the Anan Wildlife Conservatory which is 35 miles out of Wrangell.  Here, you can observe bears catching salmon and other marine life.
4.  Le Conte Glacier - tidewater glacier - Alaska's southernmost glacier is just a few miles out of Wrangell.

Observation platform at Wrangell Petroglyph Park

a petroglyph at the Wrangell Petroglyph Park

a petroglyph at the Wrangell Petroglyph Park

a petroglyph at the Wrangell Petroglyph Park

tourists hunt for petroglyph at the Wrangell Petroglyph Park

a driftwood at the Wrangell
Petroglyph Park


Wrangell's prime industry  is crabbing.

a private home in Wrangell has a good collection of fenders

private home in Wrangell with fishing
floats as curtains

a ship propeller - now part of garden art in a Wrangell private home

a giant chocolate brownie pudding at the Stikine Inn feeds 5 people

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